Hospitality Kiosk Pilots and Roll-outs to Soar Over the Next Twelve Months

A New Vision For UK Hospitality Operators

Following the creation, development and roll-out of Europe’s first cashless restaurant self-serve kiosk chain in 2016 and Wales’ first cashless QSR in 2019, the founders of Kurve are pleased to formally launch their new suit of self-serve solutions for the QSR and hospitality sector in the UK.

Existing hospitality kiosk adopters are seeing an increase of 15 to 30% in transaction value. They are also demonstrating an ability to lower operational costs, increase customer satisfaction and retention through new digital customer journeys. Kurve has quickly become the go-to-point for self-serve software solutions. And also provided strategic digital customer journey consultancy for UK brands and operators looking for hospitality kiosks.

By 2020 Gartner ( predicts that 85% of relationships will be managed without interaction with a human. Whilst that may be seen as somewhat alien for a sector driven by human based service, restaurant and hospitality operators are harnessing self-serve technology. The aim is to improve their very much customer led service and free instore staff to serve not process through hospitality kiosks.

Immersive, Unified & Interactive Brand Experiences

The vision being predicated and shaped by Kurve is one of a single, unified, highly interactive and immersive Brand experience. Bounding across kiosk, online and mobile in response to new consumer experience demands for heightened levels of choice, convenience, speed and digital interaction.

According to research, this year alone we will see a substantial number of restaurants adding options to their dining experience. 36% are rolling out hospitality kiosks; 58% adding mobile PoS and 46% branching into online ordering.

Hospitality Kiosks are at a Tipping Point

Commenting on the market prediction, CEO of Kurve, Steven Rolfe said: “We are at tipping point whereby UK restaurant operators can no longer stay in the decision making phase of should we, shouldn’t we or maybe next year. Self-serve is in our daily lives from retail, airports, ticketing and health. It is now a consumer norm where quick serve and transaction is a necessity. The UK’s hospitality industry is lagging behind. It’s now a time of serious catch up or pay the consequences later. Hospitality kiosks for QSRs, casual dining and visitor attractions are just the start.”

Hospitality Kiosk Piloting on the Rise

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, chains and independents are looking to streamline their operations to stay ahead. And there has been a large increase in operators seeking to pilot self-serve and kiosks at their sites.

All have been attracted by the proven cost reduction and operational ease benefits of self-serve and kiosks. But the real value many operators are discovering, is the ability to create new customer journeys which can be shaped for individual customer types and individuals. The end goal is to create a truly personalised and customer-centric experience to gain competitive edge.

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