Adopting Self-Serve Kiosk Technology to do More with Less

Restaurant Kiosks: A Win-win for Customers and Operators

British restaurant customers are becoming increasingly comfortable with the shift of placing their orders and paying through self-serve kiosks. And they are loving the digital experience of choice, convenience, speed and control. Kiosks are very much part of the hospitality customer journey strategy today. But they are also central to the operational strategy to do more with less.

More and more customers are seeking faster ordering and payment options. And more and more restaurant operators are seeking to improve the customer experience. With the added benefit of improving operational efficiency for overall increased revenue. This is where self-serve kiosks are proving to provide outstanding benefits for both the business and the customer. It’s a win-win solution.

Restaurant kiosks have the power to not only increase order value on average by 20% but crucially, substantially increase productivity and perceived value. And all at a lower overall cost base to drive revenue.

Kiosk technology enables, particularly for the QSR operator, a number of essential areas to do more with less resource to create a highly charged environment of streamlined productivity, efficiency and optimisation across all facets of the order to table process.

Kiosk Software that Sells for You

When developed right, kiosk software has the proven ability to out perform the QSR cashier in up-selling. Not only is the up-selling not dependent on the skills or willingness of an employee to embrace it, but customers prefer the perceived control they have over the decision process. Neither to they feel embarrassed too order those tempting extras. As technology moves forward, kiosk self-serve will become personalised with the advent of AI and big data. This will enable kiosk software to “mind-read” your customer’s choices and work even harder to maximise sales and customer value.

Lowers Food Costs & Increases Employee Productivity

Intuitive and easy to use Kiosk software enables a high level of accuracy resulting in lower food costs due to incorrect orders by cashiers. With customer’s increasingly expecting to be able to customise their orders, doing this at a kiosk, reduces mistakes considerably as the customer is in full control. It also speeds up order through put to increase sales per employee. This allows managers to place a greater emphasis on food quality, accurate food preparation and delivery of orders.

Convenience and Queue Busting

During peak trading hours, restaurant kiosks can elevate the strain of limited staff at a till, prevent long queues and customer frustrations. With the advantage of self-ordering kiosks allowing your customer to order and pay in their time, not as determined by the speed and availability of staff at a till.

The hidden direct impact on sales of this convenience can be considerable. Not only can you take more orders fast than ever before, but by reducing wait time, you’ll be able to focus your staff on service rather than process to extend the customer experience.

A survey by Retale found that nearly half of the 2,400 respondents say they would like to see more kiosks, and 20% of millennials don’t even like interacting with a cashier at a PoS.

In fact, more than three-quarters of consumers believe technology increases convenience. 70% say that technology speeds up service and improves accuracy. Operators who have deployed kiosks have experienced an increase of customer frequency and recommendation.

Kitchen Management and Promotions

A self-serve kiosk offers a lot more instant flexibility with the menu than the traditional print menu. By using an editor, the possibility of limiting the menu at peak times to help the kitchen process orders become a simpler and faster task.  It also allows for speedy promotions to be launched to up-sell or offer time limited offers.

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