Part 1 – Are Kiosks Your Biggest Opportunity Yet?

The UK QSR and casual dining restaurant sector is at a tipping point of widespread adoption of self-serve and kiosk technology. Fervently trying to combat tech enabled market disruption and the rise of third-party order and delivery Apps, a fast changing digital native customer and tough economic and political times, it is no wonder the kiosk will soon be mainstream for hospitality operators.

Self-serve Kiosks and the British Market

For too long British operators have been watching the prolific and successful digital transformation of self-serve and in-store kiosks in the United States. Three pertinent questions are being asked:

1) Are self-serve kiosks right for us?

2) How will restaurant self-serve kiosks be received by our British diners?

3) What is the best approach to integrating self-serve and kiosks into our existing physical environment, customer journey and BoH infrastructure?

Today, kiosks and self-serve are on the UK hospitality agenda. Firmly imprinted by the market leader and shaper, McDonalds. Since the launch of its global strategy “Experience of the Future”, the commercial results and customer love of self-serve kiosks in the UK and globally is proven. And the the new digital customer journey has been defined.

Most will agree that self-serve and kiosk technology is probably the biggest opportunity ever for the QSR and casual dining sector. Technology has been the driver of unprecedented disruption faced by operators large and small. It is also opening enormous opportunities for those who are prepared to change what they do and how they do it.

According to Deloitte, “The restaurant industry is transforming and competition is more intense than ever before. “Winning” restaurant brands will be those that best understand their customers, capitalize on digital technology options and analytics, and seize upon the opportunity to engage customers in a highly personalized way.”

7 Kiosk Opportunities

Kurve are the creators of the self-serve software that drives Europe’s first cashless kiosk QSR chain. Our customers have discovered 7 benefits beyond the initial scope of queue busting including:

  1. Up and cross selling
  2. Order customisation
  3. Brand loyalty
  4. Customer retention strategies
  5. Service improvements
  6. Speed and convenience
  7. Profit margin growth

The New Digital Customer Journey

British diners are loving restaurant tech that serves them quicker; gives them more choice and flexibility; brings convenience and control; and gives them the extra value they crave. Operators such as McDonalds and Tossed who were the first in the UK to become kiosk orientated, have seen growth during a period that other operators have suffered losses.

It is no surprise that global giants such as KFC and Burger King are on the brink of mass roll-out following the success of McDonalds. And other smaller British operators such as Magic Wrap are copying the success of Tossed.

Welcome to the new digital customer journey across kiosk, online and mobile where the physical and digital experience becomes entwined to create one unified and empowering customer experience.

Self-serve Kiosks: A Win-win for Operators and Customers

It is a rare situation that both the operator and customer can benefit. But it is exactly this unique win-win out come that self-serve kiosks are proving to deliver to the hospitality sector.

Restaurants are experiencing an average of 20% increase in transaction value and reduced employee stress. Whilst 60% of customers would visit a fast casual or QSR establishment more often if self-serve kiosks were offered.(, And overall, customers are finding the whole experience of speed, convenience and choice a clear winner over traditional cashier tills.

This year will see the UK witness an unparalleled number of restaurant kiosk pilots and roll-outs. But many operators are still challenged with the strategic approach to kiosk deployment and the sheer array of considerations and technical BoH integration challenges. The return on investment is high for those that get their self-serve kiosk strategy right. But the stakes are high if it fails.

Free Industry Report on Kiosks & the British Market


Self-serve Kiosks: A Strategic Approach for Restaurant Operators 2019 is a free UK report and guide focusing on the critical considerations and steps for success. Collated from a broad spectrum of research and first hand experiences, it looks at:

– Are Kiosks Your Biggest Opportunity Yet?

– Self-Serve Road-map

– The 6 Proven Commercial Benefits of the Self-Serve Kiosk

– Who Has Succeeded and Why?

– It’s All About the Customer: Nothing More, Nothing Less

– Creating the New Customer Journey: Kiosks. Online. Mobile.

– Technical Strategy & Integration

– Six Steps for Success

– About Kurve

To download your copy, CLICK HERE.

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