PART 4 – FEAR: The Number 1 Challenge to UK Hospitality Kiosk Adoption

With proven claims of 30% increases in customer transactions, increased staff productivity and increased customer satisfaction, the benefits of hospitality kiosks are hard to ignore.  

So, what has been holding back UK hospitality kiosk adoption? And why has the sector been slow to adapt to the changes taking place all around us instigated by the consumer love of the digital customer journey of self-serve?

The number one challenge to kiosk adoption for UK hospitality operators is fear.

Fear of change is subtle. It operates under the radar convincing you that it’s there to protect you and keep you safe. In reality, fear is one of the most common reasons for resistance to change because it stops you taking any action at all.

Fear of upsetting the status quo from traditional operations, service and technology is a key barrier for many operators to act and take part in the self-service revolution that our sector is embarking on.

Those who are keeping within the false comfort zone of the status quo, risk getting behind others who embrace and act on the changes taking place both culturally, technologically and economically.

The Top 6 Reasons for Fearing the Kiosk

1) Fear of change

2) Fear of upsetting and losing customers

3) Fear of complex and expensive infrastructure and integration

4) Fear of disrupting the existing physical outlet

5) Fear of not getting it right

6) Fear of the unknown

Change Agent or King of Status Quo. Which Are You?

A successful hospitality operator is dependent upon the unwavering ability to identify challenges, evaluate a new course of action and put into effect the processes to make it happen. Well documented examples of those that have done this include Tossed, McDonalds and Panera. But how many UK operators are taking action and how many are Kings of Status Quo?

We estimate this year the UK hospitality sector, particularly QSRs tier 1 and 2, the ratio is around 40:60 – that’s 40% doing nothing at all and 60% considering, planning or implementing a self-serve strategy through hospitality kiosks.

It’s Time to Focus on the Reality. Customers love the hospitality kiosk.

1) The consumer change has already happened

2) Customers of all ages want more self-serve

3) Road mapping, migration and integration specialists exist

4) Proven strategies and models to follow and adapt

5) Rise in hardware and cloud technologies has lowered the

entrance cost to software driven kiosks

6) Not doing anything is enabling others to get ahead of you

Why Customers Like the Self-Serve Hospitality Kiosk

In the world of hospitality, there can be a perception that kiosks depersonalise customer service. But, self-service is reinventing customer experience for the better. Customers appreciate having more control over their experience, with the reassurance of intuitive and immersive self-service technology and the added benefit that staff are focusing on serving not processing.

Both rational and emotional motivators are drawing UK consumers to instore restaurant kiosks:

  • The feeling that things are moving faster (even if they’re not)
  • The sense of control
  • The comfort of perceived order privacy
  • The interactive nature of kiosk
  • The eye-catching digital displays
  • Desire for personalisation of loyalty offers
  • minimal, if any queueing
  • Fast and easy ordering
  • The availability of nutritional and ethical
  • information
  • The freedom to customise their order

Why not download the full report “Self-serve Kiosks: Proven Strategic Approaches for Restaurant Operators 2019”? CLICK HERE

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