Self-serve. It's a Win-Win

Hospitality’s Biggest Opportunity

Demand for fast and immersive self-order dining kiosks is on the rise. Those that have embarked on the self-serve journey have seen an average of 20% increase in transaction value, with McDonalds kiosks seeing 30%.

By 2021 Gartner predicts that 85% of relationships will be managed without interactivity with a human, placing service firmly in a customer-centric model.  In a post COVID world this is even more true.

QSRs and food to go are the first to cash-in but casual dining and pubs are fast catching on.

Self-serve is here today

Self-serve is here today and the future of operator profitability and customer engagement. Driving revenue and efficiency with an experience consumers are hungry for, we’ve seen our customers grab market share and achieve outstanding results.

From baby boomers to Gen Z, the self-serve revolution is serving our consumers the speed, choice, control and convenience they now expect.

In Fact

Our customers have reported 7 top benefits:

01. Orders

Increased order accuracy, convenience and choice.

02. Customer Spend

Increased cross and upselling for increased customer spend.

03. Queue Reduction

Queue busting and faster service.

04. Service Focus

Increased focus on service rather than transaction.

05. Customer Journey

Immersive and interactive digital customer experiences.

06. Anytime anywhere ordering

Enables customer control with anytime anywhere ordering.

07. Promotions

Eye-catching digital promotions and displays.

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At Kurve, we’re witnessing first-hand the fast rise of self-serve and kiosks amongst British hospitality operators.  To maximise on the enormous opportunities and stay ahead of the curve, it takes strategic vision, technical expertise, operational know how and awareness of the pitfalls.

That’s why we are here. To help advise, guide, integrate and implement your vision of your next customer journey.

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