Customer Journey Consultancy

Captivating to connect and convert.

The key to success is knowing how to translate your offering into a compelling and rewarding customer journey. Kurve are the experts in end-to-end self-serve transformation and we work with our clients at every step from evaluation, design and application integration through to restaurant kiosk deployment to deliver that special, engaging and immersive customer experience you are striving for.

Working as part of your team, our customer journey consultants work with you to maximise on the enormous benefits of self-serve technology, attain your objectives, streamline your operation and importantly, consider your existing system and application investments:  


Architecture Design


Done Right

We concern ourselves with every aspect of the user journey your customers take. We separate the utility of interface convention design from the specificity of the  aesthetics. This understanding and deliberate intent means we create UI that promises to invoke an emotive relationship between your customers and the UI. We make sure they love it enough to come back many times over. 

User Experience, quite differently to User Interface design, is the route customers take to get to your products. Anyone can increase complexity, but it takes courage to reduce it and its these experiences that we craft. Simple, atomic based systems that we build from the ground up, this makes certain that there are no redundant steps, no extraneous requirements on the customer, complete future proofing and modularity baked into the framework. This leads to only a smooth pain free experience that customers can intuit from their own real world learned experiences. 

The process of organizing and labeling information presented to your users in the most logical and pleasing way is at the core of what we do. This leads to both usable and easily found content from pattern libraries that are designed with deliberateness and objective design principles.

Research of current, competitive and future forward techniques also ensure your UI and UX deployment is cutting edge, ahead of modern design trends and hits the ground running.

As part of your new custom built self-serve Kiosk, a full suite of analytics, reporting, and both usability and user based testing occurs during the pre-production, production, deployment and post deployment phases. Each phase  is carefully crafted, scoped and managed to be delivered via milestones with a full production schedule based pipeline.

Our UX Process

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