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The UK’s leader in hospitality and self-service restaurant kiosks, our smart solutions and professional services make us the perfect partner for your self-ordering and kiosk needs.

Tried, proven and trusted, Kurve solutions are all about creating new possibilities and delivering the speed, convenience and immersive experiences your customers’ desire.

User Friendly and Totally Customisable.

Kurve Kiosks out perform all others, here are some of the ways:

  • Product Editor for your ordering kiosk with or without integration with your PoS. 


  • UI/UX – we are commited to understanding your customer journey for the kiosk design both hardware and software.


  • In depth understanding of the BOH technology environment to fit into your operation.


  • Touchscreen Kiosk Hardware options from floor standing, to wall mounted and tablets – we have software solutions for all.
Self-serve kiosk in a restaurant

Underpinned by Pioneering and Robust Technology

We enable your business to grow at the pace you need to stay ahead of the curve.


We can provide either a framework of a UI design from which to build your own ideas, or alternatively we can work with your developed designs & wireframes to ensure we capture the essence of your goals and aspirations with the kiosk journey.  We have the in-house expertise to manage and deliver a unique kiosk solution for your restaurant.


From integrated payments, scanners and kiosk printers to integrations with 3rd party products such stock control, customer loyalty and accounting packages, the Kurve self-service kiosk solution is built by an experienced team who understand PoS and back of house systems, including restaurant operations, and the importance of integrations with your incumbent electronic point of sale (EPoS) solution. Our 3rd party API list includes market leading products such as Fourth, Como, Kitchen Cut, Saffron, KMS, Yoyo & many more.


The Kurve kiosk framework provides key tools behind the scenes that can be added to the solution on a per project basis.  These include features such as filtering the menu by allergen, login option to retrieve history and favourites, order processing via printers or KMS, and emailable receipts.  These are just some of the options available and at Kurve we aim to push the boundaries on unique and innovative ideas.  So just ask?

Nutritional Data

Display nutritional data clearly to the customer and enable them in real time to build up a nutritional picture of their order/ basket.

Upsell Opportunities

A key driver for implementing self-service kiosks is the opportunity to increase average spend per head and revenues for the restaurant.  The Kurve solution has been developed to allow operators to implement a range of upsell opportunities to maximise this advantage.  These include basket based product prompts, meal deals and promotions and the ability create an immersive UI to engage and deliver results.

Our Power Is In Our Numbers.
Installs and counting

With over 200 installations, our beautifully intuitive and intelligent upselling features have proven to increase revenue, drive efficiency and keep customers coming back for more.

Benefits of Self Serve Kiosks include:

Queue Bust & Extend Service
Unified & Immersive Experiences
Increase Accuracy, Choice & Convenience
Deliver Operational Speed & Efficiency
Drive Revenue & Add Value

It’s your journey

We’re here to help you craft it.

We understand how every operator’s customer journey is unique, wether it’s a fastfood kiosk or for a self-service restaurant. The Kurve professional services team are experts in the self-serve digital journey. Using our expertise and industry leading software solutions, we guide hospitality operators to create their own bespoke self-service platform, integrating it into existing infrastructure and developing new ideas.

Whether you want a hybrid system that mixes your current EPoS system with self-service touchscreen kiosks & online ordering, or a fully cashless self-service operation, we’ll work in partnership with you to overcome obstacles and unleash every opportunity.