@Table Kiosk

Kurve Order @ Table

Kurve’s self service at the table solution for casual dining, pubs and sit-down operators is designed not just to give your customer’s what they want, but importantly aimed at enabling you to get up and running in a matter of days – and at a price you can afford.   

Let your customers order themselves and customise their experience. It’s convenient, quick and intuitively easy.

The Kurve order @Table solutions is a 10” table/wall
mounted kiosk that enables customers to browse the
menu, order, pay and even call the waiter.

The solution can be run standalone with the Kurve back-
end or can integrate into your existing till system.

Order @ Table is ideal for table service casual dining, pubs or seated fast food outlets. And it can be used
alongside the Kurve QSR Kiosk and Mobile ordering

Kurve’s unique single self serve platform means no separate data management is required. Data from all channels is pulled and pushed within the platform for easy management and operational efficiency.


When the customer places their order, the orders are feed into the Kurve PoS, or your existing PoS.

Integrated tableside ordering

Features our customers love

  • triangularCreated with Sketch. Small Form 10" table-mounted kiosk hardware
  • triangularCreated with Sketch. Integrated Payments
  • triangularCreated with Sketch. Customer can browse a graphical menu
  • triangularCreated with Sketch. Predesigned layout with brand identity editing
  • triangularCreated with Sketch. Send to kitchen
  • triangularCreated with Sketch. Modify and send special requests
  • triangularCreated with Sketch. Integration with your PoS system
  • triangularCreated with Sketch. Call Waiter for service & request bill functions
  • triangularCreated with Sketch. Integration with your PoS systemMeal Deals / Promos / Product Up Sell
  • white-triangleCreated with Sketch. Streamline operations
  • white-triangleCreated with Sketch. Increased staff productivity
  • white-triangleCreated with Sketch. Increased order accuracy
  • white-triangleCreated with Sketch. Fast to deploy
  • white-triangleCreated with Sketch. Predesigned layout with brand identity editing
  • white-triangleCreated with Sketch. At the table online reviews
  • white-triangleCreated with Sketch. Increase average spend by 20%
  • white-triangleCreated with Sketch. Order customisation and special requests
  • white-triangleCreated with Sketch. Intuitive, easy to use customer ordering

Benefits you & your customers will love

The benefits of self serve kiosks

Reduce order timeCreated with Sketch.

Reduce Order Times

Manage more customers by increasing throughput & allowing customers to order themselves. Customers will experience a faster, more responsive service and shorter queue times.

Order customisationCreated with Sketch.

Order Customisation

Today's consumer wants to customise their order at their own convenience. Digital platforms enable this and can drive increased revenues + order accuracy for faster service.

increase transactionCreated with Sketch.

Increase Transaction Values

Training staff to upsell doesnt always happen, let the tech provide product upsells and workflow to maximise the sale. Offer different product journeys based on customer behaviour.

Streamline operationsCreated with Sketch.