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The Kurve team are experts in PoS & Self-Service. Our commitment to innovation and investment in self-serve tech has enabled operators to quickly, easily and affordably role out new models to drive revenue and close profit gaps. With trusted operators on board, proven technology is driving new and exciting customer experiences, whilst delivering outstanding commercial results.

By guiding, sharing our unique experience and advising, we deliver you the right self-serve solution to prepare your business for today and tomorrow.

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Why Kurve?

We are experts in hospitality tech – and we are passionate about helping operators evolve from their current ‘traditional PoS’ solution to modern self-service focused tech. Our detailed knowledge of EPoS, Back of House and third party applications is what makes our single self-serve platform fundamentally better.

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The Team

Steven Rolfe

Steven Rolfe

Steve Boyes

Steven Boyes

James Hardy

James Hardy

Operations Manager
Alex Payne

Alex Payne

Head of Development

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