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The best technology for the Bubble Tea industry

Bubble Tea has taken the world by storm. Bright colours, refreshing branding and bold taste combinations have made Bubble Tea shops a high-street must-have. With multiple customisations and product flows, kiosk technology has been an essential part of Bubble Tea’s enhanced customer experience.

Self-service for Bubble tea

At the forefront of the digital approach, Bubble Tea shops have embraced the highly visual and branded solutions that self-ordering through in-store kiosks and online delivery can bring. With customer experience at the forefront, Bubble Tea is making ordering fun, immersive and ultimately increasing repeat customers and boosted revenue.

Kurve’s like-minded approach to innovation and improved experiences has helped Bubble Tea shops across the country embrace self-service and directly impact their bottom line.

Product customisation

You can set your system up to be fully customisable.

Pre-selecting flows

Setting up order flows can increase average transaction value.

Improved order accuracy

Digital menus stay current. Easy order check and confirm.

Lower overheads

Self-service means your team can be where they’re most productive.

Enhanced experience

Fully branded and tailored interface for improved usability.

Streamlined operations

One system that manages all your ordering channels.

Integrations for the Bubble Tea industry

At Kurve we manage multiple system integrations, and you can find out more about our integration partners here.

Some of the key partners we work with for the Bubble Tea industry are:

Kurve Kiosk Integration Partners

Case Studies

Hear from our partners who already experience the benefits of Kurve’s kiosks.

Why choose the Kurve platform

Kurve’s onboarding team works closely with our Bubble Tea partners to understand their menus, ordering channels, customer buying habits and more. This knowledge helps the team design and develop a solution that works for each individual partner. 

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