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Self-service technology for Bakery Businesses

The baking industry has always been about the people and the products. At the heart of the community, bakeries have always had a close connection to their customers, with personal experiences being a key ingredient to success. Self-service puts customer experience at the forefront to enhance that connection.

Enhance customer experience with streamlined systems

From delivering the everyday essential baking to indulgent delights, independent and multi-site businesses are embracing the benefits of self-service technology to enhance their in-store and online offering to drive results.

Kurve’s bakery customers have experienced tangible bottom-line benefits since investing in self-service, with average value transactions (ATV), staff costs and loyalty all improving.

Multiple order-areas

Increase transactions at busy times of the day.

Upselling your products

Customers can add drinks and snacks to an order.

Your team’s time freed up

Staff working in the areas you need them most.

Product customisation

Customers can customise the order to their exact needs.

Reduce incorrect orders

Customers can double check their orders before they buy.

Streamline your product file

Keep files up-to-date and tidy across all order areas.

Kurve self-service kiosk
"Roses the Bakers, saw an overnight increase of 18% in sales revenue and improved order accuracy. The Kurve self-service kiosks in our shop give us more time to focus on preparing and serving our freshly made sandwiches, savouries and cakes, while customers enjoy a speedy and convenient service."

Integrations for the Bakery industry

At Kurve we manage multiple system integrations and you can find out more about our integration partners here.

Some of the key partners we work with for the bakery industry are:

Kurve Kiosk Integration Partners

Case Studies

Hear from our partners who already experience the benefits of Kurve’s kiosks.

Why choose Kurve

With years of experience working with bakeries, Kurve’s expert team can support your business to implement self-service technology seamlessly, helping you design and develop the solutions you need to help your business thrive.

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