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Self-service technology for Coffee Shops

Cafés and coffee shops are everywhere; from large well-known brands to well-loved independents. And many shops are looking at self-service technology to improve their customer experience and streamline their operation at their busiest times.

Café self-service kiosks

Cafés and coffee shops cater for the quick dash, the leisurely lunch and everything in between. So, serving customers efficiently and at pace is fundamental to improve loyalty.

Freeing up staff to make hot drinks and fresh food has been a benefit that many of Kurve’s partners have experienced since investing in our platform. Introducing self-service kiosks alongside our feature rich POS has improved customer experiences, reduced wait times and increased average transactions.

Multiple order-areas

Increase transactions at busy times of the day.

Upselling your products

Customers can add drinks and snacks to an order.

Your team’s time freed up

Staff working in the areas you need them most.

Product customisation

Customers can customise the order to their exact needs.

Increased transaction value

Automated upsell on products and promos.

Lower overheads

Self-service means your team can be where they’re most productive.

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"Kurve has all the features we need and it’s simple to use. The sophisticated intelligence and data analysis tells us whether something is working or not, whether it’s menu choices, price of supplier goods or what number of staff to put on between certain hours.”

Integrations to support your café

At Kurve we manage multiple system integrations and you can find out more about our integration partners here. Some of the key partners we work with for cafés are:
Kurve Kiosk Integration Partners

Case Studies

Hear from our partners who already experience the benefits of Kurve’s kiosks.

Why choose Kurve

With years of experience working in hospitality, Kurve’s expert team can support your business to implement self-service technology seamlessly, helping you design and develop the solutions you need to help your business thrive. 

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