Backyard Chicken

Backyard is an intelligent, tech driven restaurant serving delicious chicken both fried and grilled, alongside plant-based dishes in a fresh, contemporary environment.

Backyard Chicken logo in the restaurant

The Kurve self-service kiosk solution created a perfect balance between digital and physical experience at Backyard Chicken

By embedding technology into the core of its new, highly efficient and customer orientated operation model, Backyard has created the ultimate goal of quality, speed of service and autonomy for its guests, through immersive, slick and fun digital experiences.

The Challenge

Backyard Chicken’s single mission was to bring a higher level of chicken dining to the market and create an alternative and remarkable guest experience. Perfect balance of high quality chicken dishes of exceptional taste and the speed of service and autonomy guests crave was their ultimate goal.

For Backyard Chicken creating an exciting and irresistible digital order and pay guest experience was pivotal to:

Customers with a Kurve table-side self-service kiosk

“We were looking for better consistency of service in terms of upselling every time. We wanted to give guests more control so they could control their own dining experience and create a unique dining experience.”

Ashley Kirwan / General Manager / Backyard Chicken

The Solution

Working together with Backyard Chicken, Kurve was entrusted with the task of carefully balancing traditional table service with the latest digital ordering technology which would satisfy operational efficiency needs and the new customer desire for control and autonomy within the purchase path.

Kurve’s self-service platform provided a highly integrated and heightened digital guest experience for the Backyard Chicken brand through:

Kurve table-side self-service kiosks
We created a unique dining experience where the customer can have whatever they want however they want it and in as many ways as they want it because they have full control.
Ashley Kirwan
Backyard Chicken

The Result

Implementing Kurve self-service kiosks enabled a perfectly balanced dining experience at Backyard Chicken. The digital order process took away the guilt of over-ordering which led to a higher ATV, all due to customers having full control of their journey and not having a server in front of them. The kiosk upselling feature has also contributed to the increase in spend per head, especially on weekends.

Average Transaction Value uplift

Increased Spend per Head

Backyard Chicken restaurant main entrance

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