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How is self-service technology becoming a key ingredient for Bakery success?

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What do we mean by self-service technology?

Like supermarket self-service checkouts, self-service technology for hospitality businesses, including bakeries and cafes, and comes in the form of kiosks, online ordering for collection or delivery and order and pay apps.   

These technologies offer businesses a chance to expand their ordering channels, enhance the customer journey experiences and maximise revenues through clever digital features.  

Integrated and linked to your POS system, self-service tech offers new and innovative ways for bakeries and cafes to serve their customers quicker and smarter, whilst streamlining their processes. 

Why self-service for the bakery sector?

Although many recipes in the bakery industry are either traditional, family specialities or a guarded secret, innovation in the sector is far from it. With continuous investment in experimental flavours, machinery improvements, innovative packaging designs and the strive for sustainability, there is a clear opportunity for innovation and investment to be implemented on the customer ordering side of businesses too. 

This was what inspired Rupert Matthews, Managing Director of Simmons Bakers to investigate self-service technology. As a leader in the bakery sector, Simmons has always been interested in the latest technology and how it can make the business more efficient.Rupert said, “We’d noticed the rising popularity of self-service ordering especially in London and decided we’d give it a go; it was as simple as that.”   

Rupert could see the potential and how it could be applied within the bakery operation and how this type of technology could help them to:  

  • Improve and streamline service for customers. 
  • Make life easier for staff. 
  • Reduce queues at peak times. 
  • Serve a higher volume of customers. 

“As a business we were hugely excited to embrace the kiosk technology that is set to revolutionise the baking sector.” 

The leap to self-service kiosk technology was also one that Mark Johnstone, Director at Roses the Bakers took. He was looking to improve service at its busiest times and reduce the pressure on staff by processing customer orders quicker and with increased accuracy. Mark said, The Kurve self-service kiosks in our shop gives us more time to focus on preparing and serving our freshly made sandwiches, savouries and cakes, while customers enjoy a speedy and convenient service.” 

Streamlining digital processes with system integrations

One of the most crucial factors to consider when investing in new technology is how existing and new systems work together. With so many digital management and ordering systems now available it can feel daunting to add new ones in the mix. However, with many technology companies backed by decades of experience in the hospitality sector, integration and partnerships are an essential component of the offer. Making sure the technology can work alongside and in partnership with other systems such as POS, Stock Management, Loyalty, Payment (the list goes on) means suppliers can work with flexibility and agility to meet each customers individual requirements.  

This system integration was a key part of Simmons Bakers requirement when looking for a self-service partner. It needed self-service machines that would integrate with its existing POS solution, that works in conjunction with the company’s own in-house designed bakery system. This system also managed its staff and customer loyalty functionality, so the self-service kiosks needed to be integrated so staff and customers could redeem discounts and rewards. 

Our advice is that when looking for new technology, always have an upfront conversation with your potential suppliers about who they partner with what integration options they offer. More information on who Kurve partner with can be found by visiting our Integration Partners section on the website. 

Expanding ordering channels and reaching more customers 

Opening up more ordering channels and options for customers isn’t anything new, but it’s offering many businesses flexibility and increased revenue streams. The typical channels include mobile order and pay and online ordering for delivery or click & collect. 

Rupert Matthews said that “For Simmons, the self-service solution is the first step towards our vision of an omni-channel offering for customers. Putting all the orders in the same queue makes everything quicker, more efficient, and easier for staff to handle.”  

Delivery for cafes and bakeries is being considered by small and large businesses, who are looking at their ordering channel strategy. Caffè Nero has recently expanded its offer with a Deliveroo deal, and already work with Uber Eats and Just Eat. It reported that its delivery sales grew 10% from June to September in 2023. “We’ve seen consistent and continued growth in our delivery service since it launched,” said Caffè Nero UK CEO Will Stratton-Morris. Delivery has been a focus for the coffee chain since it launched its New Channels Strategy during the pandemic to generate revenue outside its stores. 

Roses the Bakers saw the opportunity to use technology to offer quick ordering for its customers through kiosks and a mobile order and pay app. This mobile order and pay app meant that customers could easily order in advance for click & collect. Since implementing the solution, Roses the Bakers has experienced significant improvements in its KPIs and received positive feedback from customers. 

How can bakery businesses benefit from self-service? 

Independent and multi-site businesses are embracing the benefits of self-service technology to enhance their in-store and online offering to drive results. When implemented successfully through an experienced supplier, self-service can transform the way you interact with your customers and manage your operation. 

Here we have listed some of the key benefits of self-service technology for Bakeries: 

  • Multiple order-areas. Increase transactions at busy times of the day.  
  • Upselling your products. Customers can add drinks and snacks to an order.  
  • Your team’s time freed up. Staff working in the areas you need them most.   
  • Product customisation. Customers can customise the order to their exact needs.  
  • Reduce incorrect orders: Customers can double check their orders before they buy.  
  • Streamline your product file. Keep files up-to-date and tidy across all order areas.  


Working with Kurve, Simmons has started to see results quickly:  

  • Centralised orders into a single queue making it easier for staff. 
  • Reduced queues at peak times.   
  • Increased speed of service for customers.  
  • Full integration with existing EPOS.   
  • Loyalty scheme available with self-service transactions.  

Read the case study here 

Roses the Bakers, who has had three Kurve kiosks installed, has seen these impactful results: 

  • Increased sales by over 18%. 
  • Average transaction value uplift of over 12%. 
  • Customer use of self service has driven the wage % down. 
  • Order accuracy improvement. 

Read the case study here 

To learn more about self-service and how it can transform your business, talk to Kurve today. 

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