Self-Serve Kiosks: A Proven Strategic Approach

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Who Should Read This Guide?

This guide is aimed at CEOs, Commercial, Operations and IT Directors of large operators who are tasked with the strategic planning, piloting and deployment of self-serve technology through kiosk, online and mobile.

It looks at proven approaches to self-serve and kiosks in the restaurant environment, the critical pitfalls to avoid and road maps the future of the new digital customer journey.

It includes:

  • Are Kiosks Your Biggest Opportunity Yet?
  • Self-Serve Roadmap
  • The 6 Proven Commercial Benefits of the Self-Serve Kiosk
  • Who Has Succeeded and Why?
  • It’s All About the Customer: Nothing More, Nothing Less
  • Creating the New Customer Journey: Kiosks. Online. Mobile.
  • Technical Strategy & Integration
  • Six Steps for Success
  • About Kurve

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