Two Kurve Kiosks in Abocado with staff in the background


Abokado was founded in 2004 by husband-and-wife team Mark & Lindsay Lilley, who decided to launch their own take on pan-Asian cuisine after travelling around the world and being inspired by the healthy food they had encountered.

In short

When Abokado were forced into a 12-month closure due to the Covid pandemic it gave the management team a chance to reflect. They wanted to re-think and improve the customer journey, and launch an effective digital loyalty scheme for customers as well as streamline their internal operations in the face of staff shortages.

A Kurve Kiosk in Abocado with staff making sushi in the background
Three Kurve Kiosks in Abocado
“The onboarding was outstanding. The support we get is excellent so the turnaround times are very fast on any issues we may have.”

The Solution

Abokado decided to switch their PoS supplier to Kurve to provide a complete touch-screen self-ordering system using kiosk and app technology which could offer pre-ordering for click and collect, in-person ordering and a fully integrated loyalty scheme powered by Como.

For BOH operations Abokado installed a single PoS with KDS, customer collection screens and integration with Fourth Hospitality.

“We get a huge amount of data now across the stores and that has been indispensable in monitoring menu changes, operation delivery store to store, how different teams are faring etc."

Man on kiosk ordering coffee
“It’s such an important metric for us that we have guest rating scores at the top of our P&L because we see it as such a critical barometer for the businesses’ overall performance and is what really drives the P&L.”

The Results

Overall Abokado’s digital-first approach has made a significant impact on the business from a commercial, operational and customer experience viewpoint.

“We are 100% reliant on this tech now that we have no manual ordering capability and so trusting in the system is crucial. We can’t afford to have any downtime and thankfully Kurve’s tech has proven to be extremely reliable.”

A lady using a Kurve Kiosks in Abocado
“There is no doubt that our decision to switch from a traditional counter-ordering model to 100% self-serve has been the right one for the business and we know from our excellent guest rating scores that our customers agree.

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