Abokado’s move to 100% digital service

Founded in 2004 by husband-and-wife team Mark and Lindsay Lilley, Abokado is a multi-site healthy fast-food chain. Like many hospitality operators, Abokado was looking at technology to support manage and enhance its operation more effectively, which led it to partnering with Kurve at the start of 2021.

Two Kurve Kiosks in Abocado with staff in the background

Adopting kiosk technology for improved operations

Exploring opportunities to tackle many of the common hospitality operational challenges, Abokado discovered Kurve’s kiosk technology. With an extensive selection of products and offers, Abokado required a user-friendly interface that would help customers to explore, choose and purchase its orders quickly.

Initially it realised that Kurve’s systems could help in the following areas:

Abokado Signage
“The onboarding was outstanding. The support we get is excellent so the turnaround times are very fast on any issues we may have.”
Mark Lilley / Co-founder & CEO

Implementing a one-system solution

In answer to Abokado’s requirements, Kurve designed a self-serve system to satisfy its need for automation, speed and efficiency and the end-customers need for simplicity and convenience.

In the development process, Abokado decided to switch its POS supplier to Kurve to provide a complete touch-screen self-ordering system using kiosk and mobile app technology. This means it can offer pre-ordering for click and collect, in-person ordering, and a fully integrated loyalty scheme powered by Como.

For kitchen management and operations Abokado installed a single POS with KDS, customer collection screens and integration with Fourth Hospitality.

Man on kiosk ordering coffee
“It’s such an important metric for us that we have guest rating scores at the top of our P&L because we see it as such a critical barometer for the businesses’ overall performance and is what really drives the P&L.”
Mark Lilley / Co-founder & CEO

Enhanced experiences and unexpected benefits.

Abokado is now an 100% digital first business and has reaped the rewards of being an early adopter of self-service. It has experienced exciting results since implementing Kurve’s systems, seeing significant impact on its bottom line.

Abokado has also experienced benefits it had not originally expected or considered when moving to a digital approach.

A lady using a Kurve Kiosks in Abocado
“There is no doubt that our decision to switch from a traditional counter-ordering model to 100% self-serve has been transformational. Automation has released our crew to focus on quality control, speed and engaging with customers elsewhere on their journey.”

What’s next for Abokado and Kurve?

Abokado will continue to work closely with the Kurve team, testing and implementing new features and improvements in the technology. Abokado is also a great source of inspiration for Kurve, providing the team with new challenges and ideas that are essential to support businesses on the hospitality front line.

The Kurve team are excited to see the partnership grow and how self-service technology can continue to support Abokado’s ambitions.

"Our top priority is excellent customer service. Kurve has been a great partner throughout our digital transformation journey. Their technology stack has transformed our customer’s experience and increased our efficiency."

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