Simmons Bakers future-proof with Kurve’s technology

Established in 1838, Simmons Bakers Ltd soon became famous for its very fine bread baked by Aunty Eliza Simmons. Today Simmons employs over 400 local people across Hertfordshire and has 43 outlets across the county.

Simmons Bakers Interior

Embracing kiosk technology potential

In the last ten years Simmons Bakers has doubled in size under the leadership of Managing Director Rupert Matthews. The company has always been interested in the latest technology and how it can make its business more efficient. Engaging with Kurve was an exciting step for Simmons as they invested in Kiosk technology. 

Rupert could see the potential and how this type of technology could help them to:

Kurve Kiosks in a Simmons Bakers
“As a business we are hugely excited to embrace the kiosk technology from Kurve that is set to revolutionise the baking sector.”
Rupert Matthews / Managing Director

“The reaction from staff has been good, they all get it and are familiar with the kiosk concept.”

Integrating systems to streamline processes

After some positive conversations with Kurve customers Abokado and Roses the Bakers, the company decided to move ahead with a pilot project to initially install Kurve kiosks in three of its shops beginning in September 2023. The first installation was at their main Hatfield branch.

A key benefit for Simmons is that Kurve kiosks could be fully integrated with Simmons’ existing EPOS solution that works in conjunction with the company’s own in-house designed bakery system.

Kurve kiosks were also able to take advantage of the existing loyalty functionality within the EPOS system so that both staff and customers can redeem points and rewards using self-service. Kurve is integrated with the company’s staff database so that discount privileges are validated through their employment record.

Improved customer service and less queues

Quickly Simmons started to see results! The Kurve installation delivered the following:

“During peak times, like breakfast and lunchtimes the shops can be like a busy bar, so the kiosks help us to dramatically cut the waiting time for customers.”

Simmons Bakers - baker getting a loaf of bread from a shelf
Simmons Bakers - Baker showing a customer a cake

Kiosk technology for the future

It’s just the start of their kiosk journey, but as volumes increase and more data becomes available, Simmons believes that Kurve will support the following objectives:

What is next for Kurve and Simmons?

The next two sites will see kiosks deployed within a further two of its bakery cafes. If the pilot phase goes as anticipated, Simmons will look at how Kurve kiosks can be deployed across its other sites.

“The Kurve solution is the first step towards our vision of an omni-channel offering for customers. Putting all the orders in the same queue makes everything quicker, more efficient, and easier for staff to handle.”

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