Roses the Bakers front entrance

Roses the Bakers

Roses the Bakers, a family-owned bakery in Sheffield, partners with Kurve to adopt a new kiosk system to reduce queueing times for customers and increase average transaction values.

The Challenge

Roses the Bakers, like many bakeries, can get very busy. That’s why it is crucially important to have a system that can reduce the pressure on staff by processing customer orders quicker and with increased accuracy. Kurve’s main challenge was to help Roses the Bakers to:
Kurve self-service kiosks in the shop
Roses the Bakers self-service kiosk
“The new Kurve self-service kiosks in our shop give us more time to focus on preparing and serving our freshly made sandwiches, savouries and cakes, while customers enjoy a speedy and convenient service.”
Director / Roses the Bakers

The Solution

Roses the Bakers was equipped with x3 free-standing self-serve kiosks powered by Kurve, and supplemented by an Order & Pay app. The ultimate self-service solution addressed Roses the Bakers’ needs by:

Roses the Bakers self-service kiosk
Using Kurve’s kiosks in our bakery helped drive sales and average transaction value up because customers are now able to see our full product range right in front of them.
Mark Johnstone / Director / Roses the Bakers

The Result

Since implementing the solution, Roses the Bakers have experienced significant improvements in their KPIs and received positive feedback from their customers.

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