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Our Integration Partners

We know hospitality businesses need their systems and platforms to integrate with existing software solutions. Our open platform makes these integrations simple, and we have relationships with lots of trusted partners on the market.

Kurve Kiosk Integration Partners

How integration works

Running a modern hospitality business requires multichannel software products that support with a variety of different areas, such as, POS integration, stock control, recipe management, customer loyalty, accounting, and payment providers. 

The Kurve platform specialises in supporting these channels and can allow data that is held in your Kurve system to be shared with your other service providers. Our open architecture and cloud-based data management allow the data to be shared quickly and securely and eliminates any double entry.

And even better, this process is easy. Our team are familiar with most complementary systems and can not only advise you of the advantages of integration, but we can also often talk to the supplier directly and facilitate the process.

This is all to help serve you and your customers better.

Our integration partners

We continuously add new integration partners and will always try to support our client partners to integrate with the hospitality systems they need to. If you want to chat to us about a particular partner talk to us today.

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