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Quick service restaurant management software

Quick Service Restaurants are some of the most experimental in the industry. With cool concepts, new locations and exciting experiences, they need to be fast, reliable, and competitive. Embracing a digital first approach is the foundation for successful QSRs making an impact.

Quick service kiosks and POS systems

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs) are about convenience. Customers expect quick, reliable service with great products. Quick Service Restaurants can also be creative, innovative and adaptable to the changing service landscape. Digitalising their operation is essential to make sure QSRs stay competitive, future focussed and profitable. Those who chose not to digitalise will be left behind.

Kurve’s technology and digitised approach has helped the essential transformation of many QSR partners, who’ve seen increased throughput, improved average transaction value (ATV) and labour cost savings.

Increased transaction value

Automated upsell on products and promos.

Lower overheads

Self-service means your team can be where they’re most productive.

Streamlined operations

One system that manages all your ordering channels.

Enhanced experience

Fully branded and tailored interface for improved usability.

Improved loyalty

Implement a digital cross-platform automated loyalty package.

Multiple order-areas

Increase transactions at busy times of the day.

Kurve Kiosk - Abokado
"There is no doubt that our decision to switch from a traditional counter-ordering model to 100% self-serve has been transformational. Automation has released our crew to focus on quality control, speed and engaging with customers elsewhere on their journey."

Integrations for Quick Service Restaurants

At Kurve we manage multiple system integrations, and you can find out more about our integration partners here. Some of the key partners we work with for the quick service restaurant industry are:
Kurve Kiosk Integration Partners

Case Studies

Hear from our partners who already experience the benefits of Kurve’s kiosks.

Why choose the Kurve platform

Kurve’s onboarding team works closely with our QSR partners to understand their customer’s journey, buying habits and pain points. Using this knowledge Kurve can develop and design solutions that will quickly and effectively enhance your operation.

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