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Self-service QR technology for Pubs & Restaurants

Restaurants, bars and pubs bring people together. They offer a place for celebration, reunions, sports and more. With many businesses relying on their loyal locals, improving customer experience and making their lives easier with QR technology is key.

Pub & restaurant self-service order & pay

Restaurants, bars and pubs have all had to adapt their service in the last few years. The introduction of enhanced service technology such as self-service QR codes has meant many operators have embraced different ways customers can order and pay. And with many sites part of a larger operation, managing everything centrally and utilising useful data has been key.

Kurve’s partners have found our one platform, one supplier approach a game-changer to managing their operations, from stock, monitoring menus, ordering channels and team performance. Tailored to each business, our solutions can cover one to multiple areas of your business.

Streamlined operations

One system that manages all sites and order channels.

Increased transaction value

Automated upsell on products and promos.

Lower overheads

QR codes mean your team can be where they’re most productive.

Product customisation

You can set your system up to be fully customisable.

Pre-selecting flows

Setting up order flows can increase average transaction value.

Improved loyalty

Implement a digital cross-platform automated loyalty package.

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“We were introduced to Kurve whose PoS system offered just what we needed - a mobile ordering app that fully integrated with the PoS which, after a successful trial, gave us the green light to move our sites over to the Kurve PoS.”

Pub, bar and restaurant platform integrations

At Kurve we manage multiple system integrations and you can find out more about our integration partners here. Some of the key partners we work with for restaurants, bars and pubs are:
Kurve Kiosk Integration Partners

Case Studies

Hear from our partners who already experience the benefits of Kurve’s kiosks.

Why choose Kurve

With years of experience working in hospitality, Kurve’s expert team can support your business to implement our platform seamlessly, helping you design and develop the solutions you need to help your business thrive. 

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