The New Hospitality

Self Serve PoS

Kurve’s single self serve PoS is driven by the best tech to help you sell more, reduce cost & serve customers safely in a way they will love!

The New Way Forward for Hospitality

Kurve’s all-in-one Self serve PoS is 100% geared up to enable hospitality operators to quickly take advantage of the very latest technology self serve offerings quickly, safely and affordably.

We give you everything you need in one powerful platform to save you time, money and resource to serve your customers more conveniently and compliantly to drive revenue and enhance your customer experience.

Say hello to selling more and managing less…


@Table Kiosk

Our @Table kiosk designed for casual dining and seated operations providing table & wall mounted 10″ self service kiosk. Customers can order and pay at their own leisure.


Self Service Kiosk

Fixed in-store kiosks for QSR operators ranging in size from 10″ tablets to 27″ large floor standing kiosks to deliver queue busting and average order order increases. 

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Mobile Ordering

Mobile ordering for both order ahead (click & collect) or in-store and at table ordering.  Web delivered with no app download required, working on all devices.

The Single Platform Approach

self serve platform for hospitality

Sell More. Reduce Cost. Manage Less.

As the self serve technology solution specialist for UK hospitality, we’ve combined the very best in everything you need to roll-out self serve across your operation with minimal fuss and maximum reward.

Designed to be deployed fast and rolled out across single and multiple sites, the new Kurve self serve platform gives you all the speed you need and an extensive range of features and tools you need to maximise on the many opportunities a multi-channel self serve PoS open for you and your customers.

  • white-triangleCreated with Sketch. Android based EPoS
  • white-triangleCreated with Sketch. Advanced up-selling tools
  • white-triangleCreated with Sketch. Kitchen display system
  • white-triangleCreated with Sketch. Easy & powerful data management
  • white-triangleCreated with Sketch. Payment integration
  • white-triangleCreated with Sketch. Easy 3rd party application integration
  • white-triangleCreated with Sketch. Enterprise level scalability

We get how tough the challenges are for operators right now so not only have we created an easy to use and powerful platform, but we give you the stepping stones to develop your self serve transition and adoption in a way that works for you and your budget:

  1. Easy to deploy self serve platform
  2. Inclusive BOH & PoS suite with KDS & Order Status screens
  3. Standalone mode & ability to Integrate with your incumbent PoS
  4. Integrated self serve modes – online ordering, app ordering, in-store kiosks & an @tablet kiosk
  5. Cloud based management and reporting

We believe in protecting existing investment and enabling you to have whatever software applications you feel are right for you. The Kurve Self Serve Platform gives you the flexibility to use all the extensive features and tools, whilst also allowing you to bolt on any existing PoS or 3rd party applications you need.